What are they saying?

David Bereit

Pat Stanton, David Bereit and Myself at the Alphacare  dinner fundraiser event

"Monique Ruberu is one of the most knowledgable, passionate, and pro-life speakers I have ever encountered.  As a Christian pro-life Ob/Gyn physician, experienced leader of local pro-life initiatives including 40 days for life and sidewalk counseling, and tireless advocate for life, Monique will educate your audience and motivate them to take life-saving action. Book her for your next event!"

Mark Caveliere


"As our keynote speaker, Dr. Monique Ruberu simultaneously educated youth, connected with women, inspired men, and motivated each and every one of us to be a voice for the voiceless. Her testimony is amazing, her faith is radiant, her conviction is contagious, and she was just plain fun! She took the time to localize her speech to be pertinent and impactful for our audience, and as she spoke, I saw gasps of surprise, laughter of joy, cheers of affirmation and tears of emotion. Dr. Monique truly is a rock star in the pro-life movement!"

Father Joe Zaleski


"Dr. Ruberu lovingly desires to change hearts.  Her wisdom, dedication and talent shines in the classroom.  After Monique spoke to my students, I personally witnessed young women open their hearts and minds to the fact that the Church loves and cares for them, both soul and body"

Christopher West


"Monique Ruberu speaks not only with the credibility of a doctor, but with the experience of a wife and mother who has experienced the power of Catholic teaching to transform her own life and marriage. It's a powerful combination that compels hearts."

Suzanne Guy - Save the 1 pro-life speaker


 "Dr. Monique Ruberu is a passionate pro-life Ob/Gyn whose love for her Savior and for women and children makes her a fantastic, powerful speaker. She captivates the audience the moment she begins to share! She inspires all who hear her and her kindness makes her one of the single most approachable speakers. " 

Shawn Carney CEO & President, 40 Days for Life


"Dr. Ruberu brings a vast — and much needed — wealth of knowledge and experience to the pro-life movement. Her work and passion are examples of how we can restore respect for unborn human life in both medicine and the culture. Speakers of her caliber are rare and I highly recommend her for any audience serious about ending abortion." 


Abby Johnson - And Then There Were None and Pro Life Women's Conference Founder

"Dr. Ruberu is a true expert in her field. Her knowledge, compassion, and expertise shine just as brightly as her kindness, smile and excellent speaking talent. Not only am I grateful that she has made the Pro Life Women's Conference all the better because of her voice, but I am honored to call her a friend."